Saturday, September 6, 2008
The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz
The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz

I adore the variety of flavors and the unique look of Dozen Cupcakes' creations, and so I thought I would create a little quiz to determine what cupcake you are!
I turned out to be the pancakes and syrup cupcake... interesting.
Leave a comment with your results! I bet there's a lot of copacabanas out there.

The Dozen Cupcakes Quiz
Pancakes and Syrup Cupcake "you won't believe it: a pancake cupcake topped with maple buttercream, available with or without a piece of local bacon"

You are very laid back and very traditional. You like to spend your free time lounging around in flannel pajamas, sipping hot coffee and reading by the fireplace. Nothing much perturbs you, and you settle household disputes through "family conferences" around the kitchen table. Family is important to you, and during the holidays, your house is always full of relatives!
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